Mounting Pressure on Russian forces Entails Roll back


  • Ukrainian forces are pushing back their Russian counterparts adroitly.
  • In the wake of the retreat, Ukrainian authorities moved into several areas to investigate alleged atrocities committed by Russian troops against civilians.
  • The setback might renew Russia’s interest in peace talks.

Ukrainian troops piled pressure on the Russian forces pressing deeper into occupied territory and sending more Kremlin troops fleeing ahead of the counteroffensive. 

Riding on High spirits

Russian troops were also pulling out from Melitopol, the second largest city in Ukraine’s southern Zaporizhzhya region.
Capturing Meltipol would give Kyiv an opportunity to disrupt Russian supply lines between the south and the eastern Donbas region. Melitopol Mayor Ivan Fedorov wrote on Telegram that the Russian troops were heading toward Moscow-annexed Crimea. Svitlana Honchar said the Russians’ departure was sudden and swift quotes as “They left like the wind…They were fleeing by any means they could” .

 The country’s officials were buoyant, releasing footage showing their forces burning Russian flags and inspecting abandoned, charred tanks. Momentum has switched back and forth before, and Ukraine’s American allies have been careful not to declare a premature victory as Russian President Putin still has backup forces stationed. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said that Ukrainian forces were carrying out “stabilization measures” across recaptured territory in the south and east. “It is very important that together with our troops, with our flag, ordinary, normal life enters the de-occupied territory,” he said in his nightly address.

The End of the Line

Ukrainian Deputy Minister of Defense Hanna Maliar said Kyiv is trying to persuade even more Russian soldiers to give up. Since Saturday, the Kharkiv regional police have repeatedly reported that local law enforcement officers have found civilian bodies bearing signs of torture across territories formerly held by Russia. On Tuesday, regional police alleged that Russian troops set up “a torture chamber” at the local police station in Balakliya. 

Military analysts have sought to understand the blow sustained by Moscow. British intelligence said that one premier force, the 1st Guards Tank Army, had been “severely degraded” during the invasion. Conditions are ripe that the recent developments might force Russia to engage in peace dialogues. But even if Putin were to sit down at the negotiating table, Zelenskyy has made it clear that Russia must return all Ukrainian territory, including Crimea. 

For talks to be possible, Putin would need to be replaced by someone who’s relatively untarnished by the current situation.  Ukrainian officials also alleged that Russia kept up shelling around Europe’s largest nuclear facility, where fighting has raised fears of a nuclear disaster. Strikes have also continued unabated on the city of Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second-largest city. The counteroffensive has provoked public criticism of Putin’s war in Russia. Some of the war’s defenders played down the idea that the success belonged to Ukraine, blaming instead Western weapons and fighters for the losses.

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Source: Apnews


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