MPA: MFM To Measure All Marine Fuel Deliveries From 2017


Capt M Segar, Assistant Chief Executive of Operations of the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore announced that the implementation of MFM in Singapore would come as early as 2017.


Earlier, MPA unveiled that the mass flow meter(MFM) implementation would come shortly after the firm mandates the use of MFM to measure all marine fuel deliveries in the Singapore Port from January 1, 2017.

At the IBIA gala dinner in Singapore, Captain M Segar remarked that “MPA will work towards implementing MFM for marine gasoil deliveries. This could come as early as 2017.”

What is MFM?

Mass Flow Meter(MFM) is used to measure the flow rate in pipe gauging the quantity as well as the mass and density of the bunker fuel passing through.


  • Improves operational tolerance and saves around three hours off a bunkering operation that can typically take up to eight hours.
  • The quantity variance using meters is a maximum of 0.5%, and for the traditional method up to 0.7%.

Sounding Tape Method is the traditional method which was used earlier that relies upon a quantity reading from the barge fuel tank of the receiving vessel taken prior to transfer.

As of now, there are 73 bunkers in Singapore, approved with the mass flow meters of marine fuel and “we are seeing close to 1 million mt of bunkers being delivered via MPA-approved mass flow meters every month,” Segar said.

Do you know? Singapore is the top bunkering port in the world by volume, with 45.2 million mt in total bunker sales in 2015, an all-time record high.

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Source: MPA


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