MPA Publishes Requirements For Foreign Vessels At Singapore Port


The Maritime And Port Authority Of Singapore published a circular stating the safety requirements for all vessels arriving at the Port of Singapore in the course of the pandemic, reports, MPA.

The requirements

1. Owners, masters and agents of vessels arriving in the Port of Singapore must
ensure that all operations are carried out contactless or contactless with segregation
protocol. Please read this circular together with Port Marine Circular 19 of 2021
Requirements for Vessels arriving in Port of Singapore during COVID-19.

2. In addition, for vessels arriving in the Port of Singapore within 21 days from any
of the countries listed in ANNEX A and require shore-based personnel1 at any time to
board and conduct activities, the following must be done:

Master of the vessel must declare via (LINK)

a) Crew members, including the master, did not have shore leave and
physical interaction with any individual other than their own crew
when calling at any port in a country listed in ANNEX A; and
b) The vessel did not sign on any new crew in the last 21 days.
Owner, agent, master of the vessel must submit via (LINK)
c) A list of shore-based personnel boarding the vessel (i.e. name,
company, contact details, particulars, and purpose of boarding).

3. Where shore-based personnel are required to board the vessel, the shorebased personnel must be on a 7-day Rostered Routine Testing (RRT) programme.

[In this circular, shore-based personnel refers to all persons from shore who intend to board the vessel, other than
MPA-licensed harbour pilots, authorised government officers, and authorised persons involved in the loading and
unloading operations at cargo/oil terminals (i.e. stevedores, loading masters, and cargo surveyors).]

After disembarking, the shore-based personnel must take an Antigen Rapid Test
(ART) between the 3rd and 4th day unless the upcoming RRT falls on the same day.
The costs of the ART are to be borne by the shore-based personnel or their employers.
The copy of the ART test result is to be submitted to

4. Vessels entering shipyards under the Ship Repair Framework must comply with
the Economic Development Board and Enterprise Singapore’s Heightened Mandatory
Precautionary Measures. Owners, agents, masters of vessels may contact the
shipyards for more information.

5. Please contact the Marine Safety Control Centre (Tel: 6325-2488/2489, email: for any clarification needed on this circular.

Click Here to download circular.

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Source: MPA


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