Mr. Holger Jacobsen – The “Engine Expert”


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Holger has spent over 23 years with MAN Diesel & Turbo, managing both field and technical services in Australia and Singapore. He was the Head of Diesel Engineering at Teekay Shipping in Vancouver BC. In 2009, he started the Emission Services for Wartsila in Canada and has been with Wartsila for 6 years. His passion for engines, his enthusiasm when confronted with a problem, his knowledge, experience and astute suggestions just shine through. He was promoted to head the technical services for more than five years at MAN Diesel & Turbo, Singapore – the largest service centre in the Far East.

From Singapore, Mr. Jacobsen moved halfway around the world to Vancouver BC, Canada, to head Diesel Engineering at Teekay Shipping for the next five years before he started his own company Danica Diesel Ltd.

At Danica Diesel – the primary focus was to troubleshoot and solve engine related shipboard problems. He was also responsible for emission reduction and research. He is well known in the maritime industry for his great ability to troubleshoot the engine problems and emissions mitigation.

In December 2009, Wartsila Canada offered Mr. Jacobsen a position in their Vancouver facility heading emission services which he successfully did until appointed hands on warranty engineer in a new building project with eight ships equipped with Wartsila main engine, auxiliary engines, tunnel thruster, OWS, propeller system and exhaust gas scrubbers.

With both MAN Diesel & Turbo and Wartsila’s tag over his name, he has a ‘Midas touch’ to solve/consult on any diesel engine problem. With over 30 years of working experience on diesel engines of any size/make,  We honour him with the title – the “Engine Expert”.

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