MSC Cruises Launch New ‘Guinness World Records’ Onboard Games

Credits: Josiah Weiss/Unsplash

Passengers on MSC Cruises ships can attempt to break Guinness World Records as part of a new on-board entertainment collaboration, reports Travel Weekly.

Onboard version of the Guinness World Records

Activities will include live shows, enabling passengers to participate in daytime activities and audition for a grand evening show, where finalists demonstrate their talents and aim to become a record holder.

An onboard version of the Guinness World Records TV show with passenger and crew participation will be staged together with activities for children, a trivia challenge and a family quiz.

Any new record breakers will be verified by an official adjudicator and awarded a Guinness World Records certificate.

Hunt for new and engaging concepts

The line’s global head of entertainment Steve Leatham said: “We’re always on the hunt for new and engaging concepts for our guests. This partnership provides unique and enriching entertainment at the highest level, and we look forward to continuing to offer a dynamic range of exciting experiences for guests of all ages.”

Guinness World Records consultancy senior vice president Marco Frigatti added: “There’s no better way to bring the magic of Guinness World Records to life than to host a live show like this.” “Families exploring the world on an MSC Cruise can explore the incredible world of record-breaking at the same time – and even become a part of it too.”

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Source: Travel Weekly


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