MSC Digitalizes Shipping Contract Performance With NYSHEX


MSC is pleased to announce that it has agreed with leading technology company NYSHEX to digitalize the performance monitoring of its ocean freight contracts.

Digitizing Agreement 

NYSHEX helps carriers, shippers and NVOCCs (Non-Vessel Operating Common Carriers) improve the performance monitoring of their commercial agreements. Using a secure, cloud-based platform, NYSHEX’s technology digitizes these agreements, including the key terms, allocations, and service levels, and compares this information against live booking data, container milestones, and vessel schedules through automated workflows.

The NYSHEX platform will give MSC insights into its ocean contracts in real-time, enabling sales and commercial staff to monitor performance, receive automated alerts on booking patterns, and adapt more efficiently and proactively to changing market dynamics and trends.

Leveraging Technology

MSC has grown rapidly over the past few years, today operating the world’s largest fleet with 830 vessels serving 300 trade routes and calling at 520 ports. Customers appreciate the company’s deep knowledge of shipping and logistics, as well as its customer-centric approach and strong emphasis on personalized support. That’s why MSC is committed to using digital tools and solutions that not only improve efficiency, but also allow its agents around the world to maintain and elevate this ‘personal touch’.

“The NYSHEX solution will give us greater visibility of our ocean contracts, with real-time monitoring and automated alerts on booking patterns. It will enable us to streamline the way we fulfil contracts and resolve exceptions, keeping our customers at the heart of every discussion and decision.” André Simha, CDIO, MSC

“We are delighted to partner with MSC as the world’s largest carrier. MSC has an exciting, unique approach to digitalization and customer relationships, which is very much in line with our mission to develop shared digital infrastructure to unite carriers, shippers and NVOCCs.” Gordon Downes, CEO and Co-founder of NYSHEX.

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Source: MSC