MSC World America’s Interiors Unveiled!

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MSC Cruises’ second World-class ship MSC World America will use LNG power and operate out of a new cruise terminal at Miami. MSC Cruises chief executive Gianni Onorato told the media at the briefing, “The ship has a very innovative design.”

Words Of Description

When MSC Cruises asked customers and travel advisers to come up with three words to sum up the cruise ship operator’s ships, they came up with elegant, sophisticated and glamorous. “This is what MSC World America is, and it is a distinctive attribute of MSC branding in North America,” said Mr Onorato. He described stand-out and new features, “There is a huge three-deck promenade – it is a shopping mall but much more – it is an elegant and sophisticated mall with restaurants, bars and shopping experiences… there is also the opportunity to have a chic European shopping experience.” The ship will have six pools and 20 different categories of cabins including Infinity cabins where large windows can be opened to make a balcony.

Beverage offerings will include SC Brewery, which has different beers that are “fantastic” and produced by seawater. There will also be Gin Project, which has more than 70 gins offered. Three buffets and six speciality restaurants are on offer – with two being completely new for the brand. One is a new Greek restaurant, which will “confirm our strong commitment to Mediterranean roots”, said Mr Onorato. The other will be revealed at a later date.

Luxurious Interiors

Mr Onorato said, “There is the opportunity to have a rich entertainment offering with three theaters, one of which is traditional, the second where there are more selected offerings and Luna Park – an area that is multi-purpose and has different shows and entertainment dedicated to families.” There will be an aft lounge where an LED floor will enable the ambience to change continuously.

Mr Onorato revealed another new feature and the drivers behind it, “We are a family company, family is an important component of our guests, and we need something special for American families. We asked our customers, parents and kids what they wanted. There was an expression of a strong need: we want more connection with the sea and to spend a bit more time with kids outside where they can enjoy themselves. This was the suggestion that led us to discover the new outdoor family area on MSC World America.”

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