MSC’s Game-Changing Investment in Intercontinental Cargo

Credits: Ship-technology

MSC strengthens European intermodal services with 15 new electric locomotives at MEDWAY Belgium. Says the report from MSC news. 

  • MSC invests in 15 Vectron MS locomotives, expanding rail fleet and enhancing capacity at the Northwest Continent terminal.
  • The new locomotives improve cross-border freight transport in Europe, providing customers with flexible and sustainable inland cargo movement.
  • Siemens Mobility’s reliable and eco-friendly locomotives contribute to MSC’s vision of offering seamless intermodal solutions.

Elevating Rail Capability

The acquisition of 15 Vectron MS electric locomotives from Siemens Mobility is set to revolutionize MSC’s rail fleet at MEDWAY Belgium. These locomotives boast a top speed of 160 km/h and have a proven track record of reliability and flexibility. By deploying these cutting-edge locomotives, MSC aims to improve connections and capacity within an extensive East-West geographical scope. This strategic expansion will bolster trade and transport links between Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, and Slovakia, offering customers a more efficient and sustainable way of moving cargo inland.

Fostering Advantages

Salvatore Prudente, Executive Director of MEDWAY, emphasizes the significance of investing in intermodal capabilities to meet evolving customer needs and market trends. MSC’s intermodal offering complements its core deep-sea solutions, empowering clients with a comprehensive portfolio of services and solutions. By integrating rail transport into the supply chain, MSC provides customers with greater flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability, encouraging the shift towards overland cargo transportation by rail.

Mobility’s Contribution

Siemens Mobility’s role in supplying the Vectron MS locomotives underscores the company’s commitment to sustainable cross-border freight transport throughout Europe. With a track record of reliability and innovation, these locomotives align perfectly with MSC’s vision of enhancing rail freight services. Albrecht Neumann, CEO Rolling Stock at Siemens Mobility, highlights the locomotives’ role in promoting eco-friendly transportation and facilitating seamless cross-border logistics operations.

Growing Rail Network

Under MSC’s inland logistics partner, MEDLOG, MEDWAY Belgium operates as a licensed freight rail operator across Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, and Austria. Since its inception in July 2022, MEDWAY has made significant strides in establishing a strong rail presence. Operating a global fleet of 115 locomotives and 4,800+ railcars, MEDWAY runs over 40,000 trains annually, covering more than 8.2 million km. This growing rail network strengthens MSC’s position as a leading intermodal service provider in Europe.

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