[Watch] Striped Icebergs, An Uncovered Phenomena


One of the vast and overwhelming subject is Ocean.  Sailors experience and witness enormous mysteries under the water, all around the world.  Experts have analyzed the top 10 uncovered phenomena.  One among them is Striped Icebergs.

An iceberg is a large piece of freshwater ice that has broken off a glacier or an ice shelf and is floating freely in open water.  A Striped Iceberg is formed when water melts, refreezes and creates icebergs with certain Arctic blues and whites.  It looks multicolored along the surface of the iceberg.  Such colouration usually occurs in cold, icy waters near Antarctica.  The colors formed in iceberg are:

  • Blue stripes: They occur when a narrow fissure in the ice sheet gets filled with the melted water and freezes so quickly that no bubbles are formed.
  • Green stripes: These are formed when an iceberg falls into the sea, a layer of salty seawater rich in algae, freezes to the underside.
  • Brown, black and yellow stripes: These are formed by sediments when the ice grinds downhill towards the sea.

Watch the video for a sequence of astonishing multicolored icebergs.


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