Musician Reveals the Incredible World of Living on a Cruise Ship

Credit: Vincent Gerbouin/Pexels

Jack Nolan, also known as @jackcruisesaround on TikTok, has found his perfect way of living by working as a travelling musician on an adults-only cruise ship operated by Virgin, as reported by Yahoo. 

Cruise life

He shares his unique lifestyle through numerous videos on TikTok, giving viewers a behind-the-scenes look at what it’s like on the cruise ship without kids and showcasing the lively nightlife. Nolan also takes the time to answer follower questions about various aspects of his life, including the food, the size of his cabin, and how he manages his laundry. He mentions that the food on the ship is excellent and that the crew has a separate dining area called the “crew mess,” which he considers to be the best one he has experienced so far. In one of his recent videos, Nolan demonstrates the small size of his private cabin, emphasizing that it may not be suitable for everyone but is perfectly fine for him.

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Source: Yahoo


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