Mutiny and Brawl on Board, Bulk Carrier Runs Aground



On June 17, the bulk carrier Benita went hard aground off Mahébourg, Mauritius on reefs reportedly after what looks like an attempted mutiny and a brawl between her 23 Taiwanese and Filipino crew.

A team of armed Mauritius National Coast Guards went aboard the grounded vessel via helicopter and entered the engine room.  They reportedly arrested the chief engineer, who was suspected of leading the fight aboard the ship.  The Filipino engineer, who was injured in the mutiny, was airlifted to hospital by helicopter.

Local media reports that Liberian-flagged MV Benita was sailing from India to Durban, South Africa when a fight erupted in the engine room Thursday night, resulting in the ship drifting into land along the southeast coast of Mauritius.

The ship is reportedly not laden with cargo, but is carrying about 150 tons of oil.

Investigators are still looking into the exact cause of the fight and the grounding.  As of Friday evening one tug was on scene to help free the ship.  An oil spill Contingency Plan has been deployed with the Mauritius Ports Authority and the Environment minister committed on the scene in the morning.

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Source: Défi Media