MV Akel Sinks: 1 Dead and 11 Rescued



At 2:40 am on 22nd July, in a tragic mishap, MV Sengul K, a 1977 built, Turkish registered cargo ship of DWT 1000 t. collided with  MV Akel, a 1968 built Turkish registered ship of DWT 1105 t.  The collision occurred close to the town of Riva at the mouth of the Bosphorus Strait near Black Sea.

MV Akel loaded with sand was heading from Katal, Istanbul.  MV Sengul K also on the Bosphorus Strait, attempted a sudden change of course and thus ran into MV Akel, causing it to sink.  One crew member lost his life due to the collision, while the other 11 were rescued from the sinking MV Akel.

The Bosphorus Strait has been the very spot where another collision incident involving MV Majed and Randy had occurred.