Mv Benita Refloated! What Next? Will it be Scuttled or Repaired



On July 23, the Liberian bulk carrier MV Benita was successfully refloated at around 1 PM. Now the big question is about the fate of the vessel which will be known this week.

Five weeks since the sinking of MV Benita at Le Bouchon, the salvage operation finally  got successfully completed with the help of two tugs from Five Ocean Salvage Ltd.

There was no decision about  the “Benita” whether it will be scuttled and used as artificial reef or sent to drydocks for repairs.  The final decision will be taken by the insurer of the shipowner after a full assessment of the seaworthiness of the ship and its general condition.

The bulk carrier was still kept stable by the two tugs “Coral Sea FOS” and “Ionian Sea FOS” outside the territorial waters about 20 nautical miles off the coast.

A skeleton crew, consisting of 8 to 10 most experienced experts was always on board.  The London Club reportedly stated that the majority of the crew should be repatriated in the coming weeks.

Officials of the Ministry of the Environment will be working on the cleanup and restoration of the beach at Le Bouchon.

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Source: TOP FM


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