MV Bukoba Capsized Off Mwanza Killing 894


MV Bukoba

MV Bukoba was a Lake Victoria ferry that carried passengers and cargo between the Tanzanian ports of Bukoba and Mwanza.  Bukoba was built in about 1979 and had capacity for 850 tons of cargo and 430 passengers.

On 21 May 1996, the overloaded MV Bukoba began to sway, causing large kitchen equipment, dishes, pots and pans to crash to one side of the ship.  The load bang sent the passengers into a panic and when they rushed to the deck, the ship capsized.

MV Bukoba sank 30 nautical miles (56 km) off Mwanza in 25 metres (14 fathoms) of water.  The ship’s manifest showed 443 aboard, it is estimated that about 894 people died in the sinking.

Source: Wikipedia


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