Mysterious Wreck Discovered In The Baltic Sea


  • In the Baltic Sea, a group of technical divers has identified a mysterious wreck.
  • It turned out that the vessel, which researchers located in September, is the wreck of the English ship Annie from 1891.
  • Our task is not to investigate wrecks, but to determine what the fairway looks like.
  • The more than 70-metre-long wreck, which rests at such a shallow depth in the Baltic Sea, quickly caught the interest of Simon Kenttä and his colleagues.

A mystery wreck has been discovered in the Baltic Sea by a squad of technical divers. The ship discovered by archaeologists in September turned out to be the wreck of the English ship Annie, which sank in 1891 as reported by Divers 24.

Mystery wreck

The Swedish Maritime Administration discovered a mystery wreck in the Baltic Sea in mid-September. Scientists discovered a merchant shipwreck of 74 metres in length at a depth of just 35 metres during a survey off the coast of northern Sweden. Because the agency does not investigate wrecks, divers took matters into their own hands to identify them.

Divers or researchers from Stockholm’s National Maritime Museum are normally in charge of identifying wrecks, according to Carl-Johan Linde. Things worked out the same way in this scenario as well. Simon Kenttä and his colleagues were immediately drawn to the more than 70-meter-long wreck, which lies at such a shallow depth in the Baltic Sea.


First, the exact location of the wreck had to be determined. The divers discovered four places worth checking after conducting preliminary exploration. During the dive on the first three, however, they discovered nothing. This did not deter them, and they proceeded to dive into the final available place as well.


During the dive, the group’s main goal was to try to locate the wreck. Apart from its proportions, little was known about the ship discovered in the Baltic Sea until recently. Sonar images provided by Swedish researchers were the only scans available. However, they yielded little in terms of pinpointing the ship’s name and origin.


The ship Annie was designed and built-in Sunderland, England, in 1877. Frederick Gordon of Newcastle owned the ship since 1889. Annie made a stop in Sävenäs on July 16, 1891, for lumber transport. The ship, unfortunately, hit aground in ngesön and began to take on water. A steamer came to the English sailors’ aid and attempted to tow Annie to Ume. Unfortunately, these attempts were in vain, and the ship sank with all of her cargo on July 17th. There was no disaster, and no one died as a result.

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Source: Divers 24


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