Narrow Escape – Seafarer Fell Overboard & Repatriated Home for Christmas



A Filipino Seafarer who was working on a vessel escaped an accident where he fell overboard from a ship berthed at Britain’s biggest container port.  Colleagues working nearby threw a lifebuoy with which he reached the pilot ladder on the quayside wall.

With the assistance of his crewmates and a little strength he got, he managed to reach the shore.  Immediately he was taken to the hospital where he was in observation overnight.

AoS Felixstowe port chaplain Sister Marian Davey visited the seafarer and updated his status to his wife and daughter back home in the Philippines.  She also liaised with the shipping company about his discharge arrangements and subsequent repatriation back home.

Sister Marian said: “In preparation for his flight I provided him with a little spending money for the airport and some fresh clothing for travelling.  The incident reminds us of the high risk factor involved in seafaring on a daily basis.”

Disclaimer: This video is intended for educational purpose only and not to be construed as a news article.

Source: Apostleship of the Sea