Navarino and Starlink Drive Digital Transformation in Thenamaris Fleet


  • Thenamaris, a prominent Greek ship operator with a diverse fleet, has partnered with Navarino to enhance its fleet’s digitization efforts.
  • This partnership includes the installation of Starlink’s high-speed, low-latency service across a significant portion of Thenamaris’ fleet, contributing to improved operations and crew welfare.
  • Thenamaris operates a fleet comprising 47 tankers, 25 bulk carriers, 8 LNG carriers, and 7 LPG carriers, making it one of the largest Greek ship operators.

Partnership with Navarino

Thenamaris has chosen Navarino as its partner for installing the Starlink LEO service, adding to its existing setup of Fleet Xpress and Ku band. This decision was driven by the need for faster speeds and lower latency, which are essential for digitization efforts.

Benefits for Crew

Starlink’s deployment has allowed Thenamaris to significantly increase data quotas for its crews, enhancing their well-being by enabling high-quality video calls with family and friends. The crews now enjoy a better working environment with improved connectivity options.

Business Operations Improvements

The deployment of Starlink has also benefited Thenamaris’ business operations. The fleet’s customized IT and OT setup, including ship-wide wireless access systems, now supports remote inspections and video conferencing more effectively. Accessing this setup from shore has become vastly improved with Starlink, enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Navarino’s Role

Navarino, a reliable business partner for Thenamaris, has played a crucial role in the successful deployment of Starlink across the fleet. Andreas Dimitriadis, Strategic Relations Director at Navarino, expressed pride in helping Thenamaris enhance its fleet’s connectivity services and looks forward to continuing the partnership.

Future Utilization

Thenamaris plans to leverage Starlink for additional business needs in the future, highlighting the adaptability and scalability of the technology for shipping operations.

The collaboration between Thenamaris, Navarino, and Starlink represents a significant step towards digital transformation in the shipping industry. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, Thenamaris is enhancing its operations, improving crew welfare, and paving the way for future innovations in maritime connectivity.

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Source: Navarino


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