Navigating Sustainable Seas: Indian Ship Registry’s New Biofuel Regulations


Recently, the Indian Ship Registry provided a merchant’s shipping notice with specific measures applied in utilizing biofuels or blends of biofuels aboard ships. It highlights the importance of biofuel compliance with relevant statutes as well as technical standards and compatibility requirements with ship apparatus.

Biofuel Specifications

According to the notice, biofuels such as FAME, HVO, and many others have to comply with the declared standards. FAME should conform to either EN 14214 or ASTM D6751, while HVO biofuel should abide by EN 15940. However, there should be mutual agreement between the supplier and the buyer on any deviations relating to the fuel specification.

Certification and Sustainability

Biofuels, either as a neat or a blend, should be certified by approved international sustainability schemes like ISCC and RSB. This helps compliance with sustainability parameters enabling green initiatives in maritime activities. Certification is emphasized to attest that the biofuels used by ships are eco-compatible and coincide with global sustainable development.

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