Navigating the Future: Stena Oil’s Bold Voyage with Biofuels

Credits: MOL/Unsplash

The biofuels market is anticipated to gain momentum following the introduction of more stringent greenhouse gas regulations. At Dalaro Shipping, their goal is to offer a broad selection of alternative fuels suitable for different clients. They bunkered wave 3 Oslo with B25 which is 25% of RME and 75% marine GSO on October 26th, 2022.

About Dalaro Shipping

Dalaro Shipping AB was set up in the year 1981 in Stockholm, Sweden with a focus on logistics in the two countries. They are specialized in carrying sawn timber bound for Northern Africa.

Embracing Sustainability

Considering the increasingly greater emphasis on sustainability in the shipping industry due to tightening GHG emissions, Dalaro Shipping has put effort towards lowering GHGs. Nils Ostman, the operations manager at Dalaro Shipping highlights the use of biofuels and other alternative bunker fuels as a vital step in attaining low carbon emissions or maritime future.

Anticipating Biofuel Growth

According to Jenny Eriksson of Stena Oil, an oil trader, an increasing number of shippers are becoming environmentally conscious and this trend is expected to continue with an upsurge in the biofuel market coupled with tighter emissions restrictions. Dalaro Shipping aims to provide alternative fuels that will address the customer’s fuel as well as sustainability needs.

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