Navigation Changes in Yangshan, China

Credit: Shanghai P&I Services Ltd.

New navigation requirements in Yangshan, China, states a Xinde Marine News source.

New navigation guidance

Yangshan Maritime Safety Administration (MSA) has issued new navigation guidance for vessels in the Yangshan water area of Shanghai.
Shanghai P&I Services Ltd. has provided details of the Yangshan MSA’s guidance on “Safety Precautions for foreign ships navigating within Yangshan VTS area of Shanghai port” in their circular SPI230701.

Precautions for the safe navigation

Their guidance on the precautions for the safe navigation of foreign ships within waters under the jurisdiction of the Yangshan MSA include:
·Reporting obligations
·AIS use and position reporting
·Navigation routes and traffic flows
·Use of VHF
·Maintaining UKC
·Collision avoidance
·Influence of tides
·Risk of collision and disputes with fishing vessels
·Avoiding subsea cables and pipelines
·Prohibition of passing through the Donghai Bridge under restricted visibility
Read the Shanghai P&I Services circular here
Source: NorthStandard



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Source: Xinde Marine News


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