Navigational Mistake Grounds Ship Off Falster


On August 29, a cargo vessel reportedly ran aground loaded with fertilizer.

What happened?

The cargo vessel ‘Star of Sawara’ reportedly ran aground off the Southern tip off Falster, 15 kilometers Southeast of the coast. The vessel was enroute from Ust-Luga to New Orleans with a cargo of fertilizer.

The vessel took a turn too early when it was heading west to the traffic separation scheme in the Fehmern Belt and got into the part of the separation zone that is not part of the deep-sea route. The vessel did not have a pilot onboard the vessel.

Awaiting rescue:

The grounded vessel is awaiting rescue and only after approval by the Danish Defense Operations Center (JRCC) and the Danish Maritime Administration, an attempt can be made to refloat the ship.

The Danish Navy dispatched a patrol boat ‘Najaden’ and a surveillance aircraft to check for oil pollution from the grounded vessel. After carrying out the environment surveillance, possibilities of oil pollution were ruled out.

As a safety precaution, the pollution control vessel ‘Gunnar Thorson’ was deployed to Gedser and the tug ‘Fairplay XII’ arrived on site at midnight.

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Source: Maritime Bulletin


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