Navy Veteran Dies After Super-spreader COVID19 Cruise


A passenger died due to the Super-spreader COVID-19 Cruise On MSC Virtuosa, reports Cruise Law News.

Navy veteran dead

Eighty-one year old English navy veteran Wilf Broyden boarded the ship, after testing negative for the virus, with his wife, son and grandchild as well as his son’s girlfriend and two children.

Five days into the cruise, Mr. Broyden began feeling ill and tested positive at the hospital at home after the cruise. He died a week later in the hospital.

The article explains that “Covid had broken out on board” and “staff suddenly (began) wearing hazmat suits.” People were also “coughing & struggling to breathe.”

According to the article, “his family believe he could have caught the illness while on the seven-day cruise …

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Source: Cruise Law News


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