NEA Resuming Routine Inspections


The Port Health department of Singapore’s National Environmental Agency (NEA) will be resuming routine inspections for the issuance of ship sanitation certificate (SSC) from 1 August 2022, through several phase, says an article published in Manifold Times.

Review reinstatement

“The first phase of the resumption of ship inspection is application to ships that are docked alongside shore. i.e, port terminals and shipyards. Inspection of ships at the anchorage will not resume at this time, but will remain under review for reinstatement in the subsequent phase 2,” said NEA in a Friday (15 July) statement to the shipping community.

Docked alongside

“Ship inspection will be conducted every weekday between 9am to 5pm, excluding public holidays and weekends.”

“It remains the responsibility of the ship’s masters or agent to ensure that their ship is docked alongside shore and accessible for an inspection during the mentioned permissible hours/day, prior to making any applications.”


“NEA Port Health will be robust in addressing any non-compliances (eg; application made for ship anchored at the anchorage) identified in the applications received.”

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Source: Manifold Times


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