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The Brexit bill: From Brussels with love


On February 8th, MPs backed a bill authorising the government to begin the process of withdrawal from the EU.  A different Brexit bill may cause more trouble.  According to new estimates, Britain may still owe the EU up to €72.8bn ($77.8bn) in “commitments” and pensions after it leaves.  Some Brexiteers do not believe Britain has any obligation to pay.  The dispute could derail the exit negotiations.

Ukraine to Trump: Don’t quit me baby


Over the past week, Petro Poroshenko, Ukraine’s president, and Yulia Tymoshenko, his fiercest opponent, independently implored Donald Trump to pay attention to the plight of Ukraine in its war with Russia.  Mr Trump’s lack of a clear policy towards Ukraine highlights the inadequacy of the Minsk Two ceasefire agreements.  Ukrainians worry their country may become a token in a bargain between Russia and the West.

Somalia’s new president: The big cheese

Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed, known as “Farmaajo”, Somali for “cheese”, has won the long-delayed presidential election.  The electoral process was rife with irregularities, but the corruption seems to have roughly balanced out.  Farmaajo, who was not favoured to win, is a genuinely popular candidate.  The biggest test will be whether Somalia’s federal states accept the result and work with him

Melania Trump v Daily Mail: First lady first


Melania Trump has sued Mail Media, which runs the website of the Daily Mail.  The lawsuit argues that false allegations about Mrs Trump, which the paper reported in August and later retracted, had cost her $150m in lost money-making opportunities, and implies that her position as first lady is the basis for the claim.  It reinforces fears that the Trump family see the presidency as an opportunity to line their pockets.

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