NEMO Formed To Drive Maritime Nuclear Solutions


  • A consortium of leading companies has established the Nuclear Energy Maritime Organization (NEMO) to advance nuclear energy solutions in the maritime sector.
  • NEMO aims to develop standards, promote safety, and foster collaboration among stakeholders for the deployment of floating nuclear power in maritime operations.

Promoting Safety and Standards in Maritime Nuclear Energy

NEMO’s primary focus is on establishing safety protocols and regulatory standards for the deployment, operation, and decommissioning of floating nuclear power in the maritime industry. By bringing together expertise from leading companies and regulatory bodies, NEMO aims to ensure the highest levels of safety, security, and environmental protection in nuclear maritime operations.

Advancing Collaboration and Innovation

In addition to setting safety standards, NEMO aims to facilitate collaboration and innovation in the development of nuclear energy solutions for maritime applications. Through knowledge sharing, networking events, and advocacy efforts, NEMO seeks to drive technological advancements and promote the adoption of sustainable and efficient nuclear power in the maritime sector.

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Source: NEMO