Nepal Schools Reopen Giving a Great Morale Booster



                                                                                          Credits : PRAKASH MATHEMA via Getty Images

Thousands of schools, that got affected by the massive earthquake, started their classes in temporary classrooms as per the direction of education ministry.

UNICEF stated that 32,000 classrooms were destroyed and 15,352 classrooms were damaged after the two major earthquakes in Nepal. It also added that 985,000 children could not join school last Sunday. This is of major concern for increased drop out rate.

  1. Government’s temporary learning centres:   137 for 14,000 children
  2. Number of learning centres needed: More than 4,500
  3. Schools destroyed in the districts of Gorkha, Sindhupalchok and Nuwakot: 90%

 According to Tomoo Hozumi, a UNICEF representative in Nepal, nearly a million children have been severely affected by the earthquakes.  Opening schools provides security for children.  Parents can safely go for their work without any fear of their children coming to harm’s way.  It is a big morale booster.


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