New Ammonia Terminal Operations Announced


Proton Ventures and LBC Tank Terminals have formed a strategic joint venture to develop ammonia terminal operations in Northwestern Europe and North America. This collaboration aims to meet the growing demand for sustainable energy solutions and drive the energy transition forward.

Strategic Collaboration for Energy Transition

The joint venture leverages the combined expertise of Proton Ventures and LBC Tank Terminals to foster innovation and growth in ammonia terminal operations. This partnership underscores the importance of strategic collaborations in advancing sustainable storage solutions and meeting the increasing demand for green energy.

Commitment to Sustainable Solutions

Paul Cox, CCO of Proton Ventures, emphasized their commitment to the energy transition through innovative ammonia-based solutions. The collaboration aims to develop green ammonia facilities for reducing global carbon emissions and optimizing renewable energy use.

Enhancing Global Energy Supply Chains

Frank Erkelens, CEO of LBC Tank Terminals, highlighted the venture’s focus on safety, sustainability, and efficiency. This future-focused endeavour aligns with LBC’s strategic objectives to transform the industry and support emerging global energy supply chains, ensuring a positive impact on meeting global energy needs.

This partnership marks a significant step in the global push towards renewable energy, building on Proton Ventures’ previous projects like the green ammonia terminal in Western Africa.

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Source: Offshore Energy