New CII Simulation Tool Promises Neutral Space for Charterers

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A new CII simulation tool developed by NAPA aims to create a neutral platform for owners and charterers to collaborate and optimise vessels’ CII performance, reports Seatrade Maritime News.

Launch of new CII tool

Ossi Mettälä, Sales Manager, Shipping Solutions at NAPA spoke to Seatrade Maritime News at CMA Shipping 2023 ahead of the launch of the new CII tool, which has been developed in close co-operation with NAPA’s clients.

Using a vessel’s digital twin and historical performance and route data, NAPA’s software can predict the CII performance over a period of time, factoring in many variables including routes travelled, weather and loading conditions, installed energy efficiency measures, hull cleaning and weather routing.

Where a digital twin is not available for a particular ship, Mettälä said NAPA can draw on the over 55,000 digital twin models NAPA has on its fleet intelligence platform which can be tweaked with individual data to give a representative simulation.

We combine the digital twin, the performance model, with the historical operational data and software so that we can look further into the future and, to give an example, say that even though a vessel’s CII rating is B for today… if nothing changes in operation, it might end up on the higher C levels, for example.”

That predicted shift in CII rating may spur a shipowner and charterer into action, said Mettälä, looking at interventions such as a hull cleaning or speed change to keep a vessel’s CII rating at an acceptable level.

With CII calculated on an annual basis, Mettälä said it is essential that companies are on top of their CII calculations from the start of the year, and that owners and charterers can share a common platform to address their shared responsibility.

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Source: Seatrade Maritime News


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