New Concept In Sustainable Shipping: Aquilo, The Wind-Optimized Aframax Tanker



A groundbreaking collaboration between Finland’s Deltamarine and UK-based BAT Technologies is set to revolutionise sustainable shipping. In a recent presentation held in London, the companies unveiled their innovative concept, Aquilo, a wind-optimised design for an Aframax/LRII tanker. This pioneering design has the potential to establish a new standard in sustainable ship design.

BAR Technologies, established in 2016, brings together a wealth of expertise in aerodynamics, including experience with racing yachts and the British America’s Cup team. Their acclaimed WindWings technology, a solid sail that can be retrofitted to cargo ships, has garnered significant attention.

Collaboration with deltamarin

Collaborating with renowned firm Deltamarin, BAT Technologies is now taking wind-assisted propulsion to the next level as they optimize the entire Aquilo vessel. The project incorporates the latest generation of WindWings, seamlessly integrated into the enhanced hull and superstructure design.


A key component of Aquilo is the innovative AeroBridge, developed by BAT Technologies. The redesigned superstructure and bridge area enhance the ship’s efficiency by reducing drag and creating additional thrust.

Aquilo boasts four strategically positioned WindWings, meticulously updated to further enhance performance and seamlessly integrated into the ship’s overall design. The combination of these groundbreaking features has yielded significant fuel efficiency improvements for the Aframax tanker model. Simulations indicate that operating at a speed of 14.5 knots would result in a daily fuel consumption rate of less than 26.8 metric tons. If the vessel were to reduce its speed to 12 knots on a typical global route, fuel consumption would decrease dramatically to just 12.6 metric tons per day.

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Source : Zbr