New Guidelines Released To Ease Crew Change


The Filipino government has released a set of guidelines that will ease the process of repatriation of seafarers, says an article published in Marine Insight.

New set of guidelines and protocols

The Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) of the Philippines launched the set of detailed procedures and health and safety protocols concerning the repatriation and the conduct of crew change, in authorized domestic and international ports in the country.

Recently the Philippines opened the first “Green Lane” in order to facilitate free movement and safe travel across borders for seafarers in Asia.

For more information read our article ‘Green Lane’ Launched To Facilitate Seafarers Movement Amid COVID-19

About procedures to be followed

Robert A. Empedrad added that the procedures to be followed henceforth are in line with the existing health protocols handed out by all governmental units for a crew change, as well as that of the International Maritime Organization.

The Filipino government has tasked the Department of Transportation(DOTr) for port evaluation, for the purpose of authorizing them as major hubs for a crew change.

As it stands till date, the only port authorized with carrying out crew change is Manila. Orion’s Port Capinpin will receive the official authorization for the same soon.

The fresh set of guidelines cover an array of seafarers, including those of Filipinos joining a ship which is harbored in Filipino waters, as well as overseas and of those seafarers signing off the ships.

Robert A. Empedrad, who is the Marina Administrator said, “As a major provider of Filipino seafarers to the global labour market, we should spearhead the support for all seafarers who have been recognized as key workers.”

The standards and procedures 

The protocols cover the standards and procedures for the following situations:

  • Filipino Seafarers Joining a Ship Docked in the Philippines or Overseas (Outbound)
  • Filipino Seafarers Leaving a Ship (Inbound)
  • Special Procedures for Filipino Seafarers Leaving a Cruise Ship Docked in Philippine Seaports
  • Filipino Seafarers Transiting in the Philippines (Airport/Terminal to Airport/Terminal)
  • Foreign Seafarers Joining a Ship Docked in the Philippine Seaport from the Airport (Airport to Ship)
  • Foreign Seafarers Leaving a Ship Docked in Philippine Seaport to an Airport (Ship to Airport)
  • Foreign Seafarers Transiting in the Philippines (Airport/Terminal to Airport/Terminal).




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Source: Marine Insight


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