New Intellian Antenna Delivers Global Uninterrupted TV Coverage


New Intellian 1m Dual-band Antenna Delivers Global Uninterrupted TV Coverage


New dual-band 3-axis s100HD is the first to incorporate updated Intellian LNB technology and delivers a much needed new matching 1m TV and Satellite Communications offering to the market

Intellian, the world’s leading provider of marine satellite antennas, has launched the dual-band, 3-axis s100HD WorldViewTM satellite TV system, featuring the company’s latest generation LNB (Low Noise Block- Down Converter) technology.  The new system, set to debut this week at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, is an exact aesthetic match to the company’s GX100 and v100 products, which are the most popular satellite communications terminals in the world today.

The newly designed 1 meter (40 inch) antenna system simultaneously receives two Ka-band satellite signals and one Ku-band signal for DIRECTV® North America’s HD programming, enabling uninterrupted coverage across all channels and the full ‘just-like-home’ experience. As vessels cruise to other regions of the globe, Intellian’s patented WorldViewTM technology allows users to tune into any other satellite TV service at the push of a button.

Simply selecting a satellite television provider from a drop down menu allows the newly updated WorldViewTM Trio LNB to switch frequency automatically and seamlessly lock onto the new target satellite.  Aptus, Intellian’s App for Android or Apple devices, enables users to operate their antenna from their smart device as well as web and PC.  There is no need to purchase multiple LNB modules, reconfigure complex systems or manually change an LNB inside the antenna dome each time the vessel crosses into a different satellite service coverage area.

“The s100HD Worldview delivers strong performance and matches all Intellian 1m satellite communications solutions,” said Sam McKee, Intellian’s VP of Sales for the Americas.  “This gives customers a whole new set of options in how they outfit their vessel’s entertainment and communications package, eliminating the need to be locked into any single service provider through an expensive, closed network hardware investment.  Intellian’s systems are basically like unlocked smartphones.  They work with any provider, and now we have the TV system to match.”

Intellian’s antenna systems are easy to install and designed, manufactured and tested to withstand the company’s industry-leading standards for vibration and extreme shock in all sea states and weather conditions.  The company also offers an industry-leading Three Year Global Warranty on all its products.


The Intellian s100HD WorldViewTM TVRO antenna is available beginning January 2017.  Price MSRP: $29,995

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Source: Intellian