New International Medical App Launched for Seafarers

Credits: Flavio Gasperini/Unsplash

Gard and the Norwegian Centre for Maritime and Diving Medicine have launched an innovative international digital medical guide to improve medical treatment onboard and potentially save seafarers’ lives, reads a Gard release.

Mariners Medico Guide

The Mariners Medico Guide is a unique app, designed and tailored for seafarers. It provides step-by-step guidance for treating crew onboard. Fully downloadable, it can be used without a signal mid-ocean and in remote parts of a ship. It is available free of charge to all seafarers.

Seafarers do an outstanding job and deserve investment to ensure they feel safe and get the best possible health care at sea. Developing a free digital medical guide to improve medical treatment onboard, and potentially save any seafarer’s life, feels like a big step forward for healthcare onboard.

Telemedical assistance services

Medical professionals use symptom-led questioning to gather information to be able to diagnose and treat illness and injuries effectively. That is why the app is built around guiding the user through their symptoms as a navigation tool. It has been designed and written by doctors specialised in maritime medicine and working in Radio Medico. Guidance is set out in simple steps and language for users with limited medical experience.

The app also aims to lower the threshold for seeking professional support from doctors ashore, guiding the user when to seek support from telemedical assistance services.

During launch week, several thousand downloaded the app, with more than 10,000 visits to the Mariners Medico Guide. Users have been overwhelmingly positive about the app, over 90 per cent of those surveyed have said that they are very satisfied.

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Source: Gard