New Maritime Research Laboratory To Explore Fuel Cell Based Carbon Capture

Credit: ThisisEngineering RAEng/ unsplash

Carnival Group subsidiary Ecospray and the University of Genoa have established a new research laboratory at Molo Giano in the Italian port of Genoa.

CO2 Reduction System

At the core of the laboratory’s activities is research into CO2 reduction systems based on the use of Molten Carbonate Fuel Cells (MCFC), one of the three new carbon capture technologies launched by Ecospray in June 2022. CapLab, as the center is called, is being funded by a collaboration between public and private donors to facilitate research and development work on decarbonisation technologies for multiple applications, including the maritime sector. 

Ecospray Technologies will manage the facility along with the University of Genoa’s  Department of Civil, Chemical and Environmental Engineering (DICCA). The facility is the result of a €2M (US$2.15M) investment and is already operational. MCFC technology enables CO2 capture and, as a secondary benefit, produces energy. The MCFC-based carbon capture technology was developed by Ecospray and DICCA, and Ecospray believes the technology could have wide industrial application across a range of engines and choice of fuels.

Prototype In Production 

The first fuel cell prototypes will be produced at CapLab in the coming months, and the partners are aiming for the first on board tests to take place in 2024.  Ecospray’s other maritime-focused carbon capture technologies involve the absorption of CO2 with amines, a well-established approach that is already in use in other industrial sectors, and the absorption of CO2 using calcium hydroxide. 

Ecospray said a field test phase of the two technologies via on board installation is imminent. In addition to carbon capture, the laboratory’s research will focus on clean energy production, production and use of hydrogen fuel, applications in the maritime sector, applications in the industrial sector and integration with renewable sources.

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