New MARPOL Annex VI Amendment: Enhanced Bunker Delivery Note Requirements


  • Starting May 1, 2024, a recent amendment to MARPOL Annex VI, Appendix V significantly alters the documentation standards for bunker delivery notes (BDNs).
  • This amendment, sanctioned by the Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC), expands the data requirements within BDNs.
  • Previously, BDNs necessitated details on density and sulphur content. However, the recent update mandates the inclusion of fuel oil flashpoint information.

Practical Implications

Under the new regulations, BDNs must now feature the tested flashpoint, ensuring alignment with prevailing standards, or include a statement confirming a flashpoint measurement at or above 70°C. Suppliers are required to furnish an exact measured flashpoint value if it falls at or below 69°C. Alternatively, a statement suffices if the flashpoint registers at or above 70°C. Suppliers may still opt to provide the actual flashpoint measurement for values exceeding 70°C.

Alignment with SOLAS Chapter II-2

Additionally, the Maritime Safety Committee (MSC 106) has endorsed amendments to SOLAS Chapter II-2, corresponding with these changes. These amendments necessitate a pre-delivery declaration of conformity with regulation SOLAS II-2/4.2.1. Moreover, ships must receive a BDN specifying the flashpoint or a statement indicating compliance with the flashpoint requirement.

Preparation and Compliance

Shipowners are advised to proactively prepare for these amendments by reviewing their procedures and ensuring BDNs adhere to the new stipulations.

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Source: Britannia P&I