New Program Focuses On Ammonia Fuel Safety


Ammonia is gaining traction as a potential clean fuel for the future, with the first ammonia-powered vessels expected to debut as early as 2025. In response to this emerging trend, Ocean Technologies Group (OTG) has developed an e-learning program focused on ammonia fuel safety to educate seafarers about handling, storage, and safety precautions specific to ammonia-fueled ships.

Interim guidelines

Ahead of the IMO producing interim guidelines in September 2024, OTG has proactively engaged with working groups such as The Nautical Institute and those formed as part of the Just Transition Task Force as they develop competencies for safely handling ammonia as a fuel.

The first ammonia-powered ships are due next year, so it was essential for OTG to develop this e-learning module to ensure seafarers are prepared for the significant differences.

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Source : Safety4sea