New Safe Mooring Guideline by DNV GL


Mooring is among the most common of all maritime tasks, yet mooring operations are far from standardized, reports DNV GL on their website.

In order to ensure safe mooring involving both new and existing tonnage and equipment, standards are currently being upgraded and conventional wisdom is being revisited.

Safe mooring

Mooring operations continue to pose safety risks for mooring crew, shore personnel and property.

Mooring Equipment Guideline 4th Edition (MEG4) was introduced by OCIMF in 2018. All new tankers, gas carriers and terminals are to be designed and built using the recommendation.

Existing tankers are to consider making changes accordingly, and as a minimum, develop a Mooring System Management Plan (MSMP) and Line Management Plan (LMP). Plans are being checked during vetting inspections. Similar guidance for other ship types is expected.

Mooring failure during lay-up period can lead to a high risk of damage to marine assets. Hence it is highly recommended to make a thorough lay-up mooring plan and seek for approval from the local authority and classification society.

Safe Mooring Connect

Safe Mooring Connect is a convenient hub for your mooring system related needs, facilitating safe mooring operations:

  • Module 1 – Ship Design MBL Calculator and MSMP generation
    Ship Design MBL calculator for ship design philosophy and MSMP part B reporting.
  • Module 2 – Site-specific Calculator – In development
    Site specific mooring calculation for ship-port compatibility as well as lay-up mooring calculation.
  • Module 3 – Mooring Line Management – In development
    Mooring line management for daily operation.

Ship Design MBL calculator and MSMP generation

Provides a streamlined workflow that guides you through the input processes – incorporating vessel particulars look-up, GA/mooring plan upload, drag and drop mooring line configuration and document database.

The Safe Mooring team will then perform the necessary analysis and provide you with the results and documentation as required.

To get started with Safe Mooring Connect, Click here.

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Source: DNV GL


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