New Safety Measures Implemented For Ships Repaired At Zhoushan Shipyards


  • Shipowners, ship operators, ship managers, and ship masters are advised to take note of new safety measures and survey standards recently implemented by the Zhoushan Maritime Safety Administration (MSA) in China.
  • These measures aim to reduce machinery failures for ships repaired at Zhoushan shipyards.

Under the new measures, classification societies are tasked with enhancing and improving surveys related to machinery items, including main engines, auxiliary engines, steering systems, and other essential equipment that have undergone repairs. Shipowners and shipyards are required to report repair items to class surveyors, who will then communicate with shipowners to ensure that related repair items are adequately surveyed and function tested before the issuance of certificates.

Sea Trials and Short-Term Certificates

In cases where a sea trial is necessary for function testing and machinery repair quality verification, ship operators may need to obtain short-term certificates to secure permission from local port authorities to conduct the trial. Further information on this process can be obtained from the Lloyd’s Register Zhoushan office.

Response to Machinery Failures

In the event of substantial machinery failures affecting navigational safety or causing marine pollution, classification societies are required to carry out occasional surveys, issue survey reports, and apply remote survey methods as per IMO Res.A.1186(33). They must also investigate and analyze related survey quality issues and report them to the Zhoushan MSA.

Port State Control Inspection

If a classification society experiences two or more machinery failures within six months leading to emergency situations, all ships under its responsibility will be considered a priority for Zhoushan Port State Control inspection.

Supervision of Service Suppliers

Classification societies are also mandated to enhance supervision of their service suppliers to ensure service quality and refuse to adopt sub-standard, dishonest, or fake service reports.

Action Items for Shipowners and Operators

Shipowners and ship operators are advised to familiarize themselves with the new measures required for ships at Zhoushan shipyards. They should ensure that all repairs and surveys are conducted to the standards mandated by the Zhoushan MSA and the China MSA to uphold safety and compliance standards.

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