New Standards for Crew Competence Set by RINA



The 9th Annual Crew Conference was held on November 22, in Manila, Philippines.  The main theme for the event was the competence of seafarers.  Delegates from all over the world participated and were informed of a new system which has been developed exclusively by RINA Academy Philippines to manage crew competence in a better way.

Captain Nicolo Terrei, Managing Director of RINA Academy Philippines and his team looked at the methods and tools within this innovative system, which has taken over a decade to develop.  He presented the platform developed by his team that collects all records related to the identification of competence gaps, training paths, post assessment, and KPI’s, and also provided the audience with the very first illustrative results and statistics from the implementation of the CMS.

The new system will be benefited from the recent expansion of RINA Academy to a new worldwide organization in maritime training which is now offering in addition to traditional maritime courses, new specific and focused training courses covering all technical courses and non-technical (behavioral) courses relating to crew competence.

RINA was represented at the Conference by Mr. Alessandro Mura, RINA Academy, Manager of Crew Training, Mr. Stefanos Chatzinikolaou, Research & Innovation/RINA Academy Hellas Manager and Mr. Leander Aarons, Area Manager, Hong Kong, and Vietnam.

Chatzinikolaou of RINA Hellas emphasized that RINA’s commitment to training and competence assessment needs to become well-known in the maritime industry, especially since the industry has recently been under pressure to bring forward new standards for crew competence.  He also stated that the RINA Academy Hellas will be dedicated to introducing this system to the Greek maritime community.

Competence, the ability of an individual to do a job appropriately, is different to a qualification.  A qualified individual holds just a license to perform a job.  For shipping companies, qualified personnel are simply not enough; competent personnel are a necessity given the multitude of tasks – often involving high-risk levels – that are demanded onboard ships and ashore, keeping pace with technological advancements, the change and introduction of new legislation and the expected high standards in safety, security and environmental awareness.

These ideas have driven RINA to introduce the Competence Management System as a tool for shipping companies to establish robust criteria for the selection and recruitment, training and career development of their onboard personnel and an advanced human resources program that constantly targets higher levels of skill and excellence.

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