New Startup Accelerator Program To Promote Decarbonization


Mitsubishi Corporation to launch a new startup accelerator program to promote decarbonization says an article on Scoop.

To promote efforts to decarbonize

Mitsubishi Corporation (MC) and Nippon Yusen Kabushiki Kaisha (NYK) are pleased to announce a new startup accelerator program designed to promote efforts to decarbonize.

MC and NYK will team up with Startupbootcamp Australia (SBC Australia), a branch of one of the largest Europe-origin accelerators Startupbootcamp Group. SBC Australia specializes in energy-related acceleration and has a proven track record. This program aims to scout and support promising startups with disruptive technologies and business ideas to solve problems in the energy and resource sectors.

Separately, MC and NYK have already collaborated with various startups that are invested in decarbonization, however, their new program will provide them with a joint platform to research the latest trends in decarbonization and opportunities to collaborate with emerging startups. The partners expect to run several program cycles to accelerate a significant number of startups.

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Source: Scoop



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