New Technologies for Autonomous Vessel Support


Kongsberg Maritime introduces new HMIs on ships and Rolls-Royce and Sea Machines team up for autonomous vessel support, reports Riviera Maritime Media.

New human-machine interfaces for vessel support

Kongsberg Maritime has developed a new method for ship captains and officers to view important navigation information from the bridge, with redesigned human-machine interfaces (HMIs) to improve graphic displays and reduce the number of devices required.

All critical navigation aids and sensors are in one graphical user interface (GUI), which can overlay them on radar, ECDIS or conning displays.

All of the sensors are built into user interfaces as a web-type service,” said Kongsberg Maritime sales director for cruise ships, ferries and yachts Roger Trinterud. He demonstrated how displays, such as compass, GPD, speed log and depth sounder can be pulled up from a server to display on a home page.

We have replaced single panels with user graphics on one screen,” he said at the Nor-Shipping exhibition in Oslo, Norway.

Video images can also be overlaid on ECDIS, radar and conning displays, showing the view from the bow, stern and sides of the vessel.

Enabling autonomous vessel movements in ports

K-Master Universal can display information from K-Bridge, K-Chief automation, K-Pos dynamic positioning and engineroom systems.

K-Master has control of everything with fewer devices and ensures everything is in reach,” said Mr Trinterud. “It makes sure all of the connected systems are operating and displayed in the same layout on screens.”

Another innovation is the digital layout of navigation information on overhead screens on the bridge. “We have type-approved these screens as instruments for instant layout of suitable information for transits,” he continued. These display camera video that navigators can use to manoeuvre in port.

Masters can change the content of the information according to the operations the ship is doing,” said Mr Trinterud. Up to four images from cameras can be displayed, while other sensors can be used for distance measurements.

They can be used to detect objects and measure distances in harbours, such as hull-dockside measurements,” he added.

These technical advances will provide more information and decision support to captains and enable autonomous vessel movements in ports.

New AIS transponder unveiled

Saab TransponderTech introduced its R6 Supreme class-A vessel positioning transponder at Nor-Shipping, which combines automatic identification system (AIS) and VHF digital exchange system (VDES) technologies for ship navigation.

It comes with a new touchscreen display unit with a GUI to show AIS information. VDES provides two-way authentication of data eliminating the potential for spoofing and jamming. It has VHF channels dedicated for specific communications with 32 times more bandwidth for data transmissions than AIS. VDES also has greater range than AIS and is seen as an enabler of e-navigation green routeing applications.

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Source: Riviera Maritime Media


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