New Technologies For Greener Shipping


Maritime Industry Australia Ltd. (MIAL) says its second Maritime Decarbonisation Summit will be held in Sydney on Wednesday October 12 with the theme being New Technologies for Greener Shipping, reports MHD.

Maritime Carbonisation Summit Series

It notes this is part of the Maritime Carbonisation Summit Series it launched earlier this year, which provides a platform for the sharing of technical information, the building of important networks of stakeholders focused on maritime decarbonisation issues, and the discussion of policy mechanisms that are necessary to help accelerate the transition to low and zero carbon energy.

“Australia is totally reliant on international shipping for global trade and connectivity, and we have a vibrant and diverse domestic commercial vessel industry,” Angela Gillham MIAL Deputy CEO, says.

“There is a need to identify the areas where there is an intersection between infrastructure, relevant existing industries, potential renewable energy resources and centres of maritime activity, to unlock potential and capitalise on the natural advantages that exist within Australia to produce low, and zero carbon marine fuels and decarbonise our own critical domestic maritime industry.”


MIAL says pressure on international shipping to decarbonise is creating a significant challenge for the industry but adds there is a lot to be excited about as the pace of low carbon technology development is accelerating rapidly internationally and within Australia.

It adds while much of the Australian focus on climate change action is centred around the natural advantage industry possesses for the production and export of zero carbon fuels to the world, there is a growing realisation about the necessity to decarbonise the supply chain.

MIAL says the event will raise the profile of the challenges industry faces, the need for collaboration between industry and government, exploring some of the projects in the planning and the potential mechanisms that will help to create the enabling environment needed to help the industry transition.

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Source: MHD


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