New Times Delivers the Sixth 50,000 dwt Class II Chemical Tanker

Credit: Venti Views/Unsplash

On August 15, Jiangsu New Times Shipbuilding held a christening and delivery ceremony for the 33# 50,000 dwt Class II chemical tanker “CL MARGUERITE DURAS” of the TAURUS project of Shandong Shipping, reports Xinde Marine News.

The 33# 50,000 dwt Class II chemical tanker has a length of 183.24 meters, a molded width of 32.2 meters, a molded depth of 19.1 meters, a structural draft of 13.3 meters, a deadweight of 49,200 dwt, and a speed of 14.2 knots. The main engine model is MAN B&W 6G50ME-C9.6 Tier III (SCR), classified into DNV and CCS dual classification societies.

TAURUS project of CDB Leasing

The TAURUS project of CDB Leasing is the first cooperation project between CDB Leasing and New Times Shipbuilding as a contract buyer, led by Shandong Shipping after Shandong Shipping’s SOLAR project. The main body of the project is 10 50,000 dwt Class II chemical tankers, the 33# 50,000 dwt Class II chemical tanker named this time is the sixth ship of the project.

At present, New Times Shipbuilding has become one of the shipyards in China with a relatively large number of MR ship types. Currently, New Times Shipbuilding’s order tasks have been scheduled until the end of 2026 or even until 2027.

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Source: Xinde Marine News


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