Newport Shipping Unveils LNG Retrofit Solution for Boxships


Newport Shipping has launched a class-approved, fast, cost-effective LNG retrofit solution for container ships, reports Riviera Maritime Media.

A ground-breaking concept 

Newport Shipping’s senior executives gave a detailed overview of the ground-breaking concept – which uses an LNG fuel tank container system – in the Class-approved, fast and cost-effective LNG retrofit for container ships webinar in Riviera Maritime Media’s Container Ship Tech & Ops webinar week.

Newport Shipping was a premier partner in the webinar, where panellists Newport Shipping managing director (Oslo) Lianghui Xia, Newport Shipping managing director (Hamburg) Ingmar Loges and Newport Shipping head of research and development (London) Turgay Colak highlighted the benefits of the system.

  • The 40-ft ISO LNG fuel tank container system is suitable for LNG-fuelled newbuildings and container vessel retrofits.
  • The LNG fuel tank container is a class-approved Type C LNG fuel tank in accordance with the IGF-code and is based on a German TÜV-certified IMDG container. The capacity of the tank is 31 tonnes, and it can hold about 33 m3 of LNG.
  • The containers have a fail-safe dry-quick coupling connection and are approved for loading in up to seven-layer high stacks. The stainless-steel double-walled tank is also vacuum insulated and has up to 80 days holding time.

20-25% emission cuts

The concept consists of container stowage on a free deck in a safe area.

Mr Colak kicked off the presentations, explaining the system not only gives an immediate CO2 emissions reduction of 20-25%, but that bio and synthetic LNG can also be used in the container retrofit system, allowing for even more emissions reduction potential.

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Source: Riviera Maritime Media


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