Nigerian Cadets Turnout to be Pirates


Unemployed Nigerian cadets fuel piracy in the Gulf of Guinea.


The Nigerian shipowners association complains that the unemployed maritime cadets, who are yet to complete their education, inflame piracy in the Nigerian waters.

The Maritime Academy of Nigeria (MAN), requires an onboard training for all its courses. Students who failed to finish such training courses feel thwarted without job.

“Cadets of MAN who graduated six to 15 years ago have no jobs.  So what do you want to do with the new people you are training? You are going to make them hijackers, sea pirates.  That is why the issue of sea piracy cases is very high because the boys we trained have no jobs,” says the chairman of the Nigerian Shipowners Association, Captain Niyi Labinjo.

The IMB reports that in 2015 there were eight boardings, one hijacking and and five attempted hijackings off Nigerian coast.

Many candidates who completed their course long time back are still not graduated or employed as they have no industrial training.

All waters in and off Nigeria remain risky specifically for cargo like gas oil.  Vessels are advised to be vigilant as many attacks have gone unreported, warns the IMB.

Source: Vanguard


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