Ningbo Containerised Freight Index


 Baltic Exchange Reports Weekly Composite Index (09-02-2024 vs. 02-02-2024)

Route 09-02-202402-02-2024Weekly change (%)
Ningbo – Europe 1849.151854.22 0.27
Ningbo – West Mediterranean 2120.552143.25 1.06
Ningbo – East Mediterranean1730.341761.34 1.76
Ningbo – Middle East1247.401214.85 -2.68



Route Port Served 
Ningbo – EuropeHamburg & Rotterdam
Ningbo – West MediterraneanBarcelona, Valencia & Genoa
Ningbo – East MediterraneanPiraeus & Istanbul
Ningbo – Middle EastDammam & Dubai


Index Information

Compiled by: Ningbo Shipping Exchange

Promoted by: Baltic Exchange

Reporting Schedule: Every Friday (except Chinese holidays) at 1600 (Beijing)


Transactional data submitted by various companies including CCL Logistics Co, Headwin Logistics Co., Ltd, Ningbo E-Union Group of China, Zhejiang Xinggang International Freight Co., Ltd, Perfectever Logistics (Ningbo) Co., Ltd, Ningbo Jet Express International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd, Dashing International Logistics, Huanji International, De Well Group, Whale Logistics Co., Ltd, Sinotrans Ningbo Logistics Co., Ltd.

Included Surcharges

  • Bunker adjustment factor/ fuel adjustment factor/ low sulphur surcharge
  • Emergency bunker surcharge/ emergency bunker additional
  • Currency adjustment factor/ Yen applica surcharge
  • Peak season surcharge
  • War risk surcharge
  • Port congestion surcharge

Suez Canal transit fee/surcharge/ Suez Canal fee/ Panama Canal surcharge/ Panama Canal charge

  • Excluded Surcharges
  • Terminal operation fee
  • Security charge
  • Origin received charges
  • Inland point intermodal
  • Booking fee
  • Customs clearance

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Source: Baltic Exchange