Nobel Peace Prize winner’s Solution For The Russia-Ukraine Conflict

Credit: UX Gun/Unsplash

Nobel Peace Prize winner, Irina Scherbakova, co-founder of the Russian rights organisation, Memorial, said she see no prospect for a diplomatic solution to the war in Ukraine, reports Euronews.

The solution

‘The solution that there will be now is a military one in my eyes. But this diplomacy will only happen when Ukraine believes it has won this war and can set its terms. I believe only in this possibility,’ she said.

The Russian historian was speaking last night in Hamburg, where she was presented with the Marion Doenhoff Prize for her years of work on human rights in her home country by German Chancellor, Olaf Scholz.

When asked by a journalist if she believed this would be with or without Russian President Vladimir Putin, Scherbakova replied that she believed it would be ‘without Putin’.

The Russian president has said he is open to negotiations, but not to demands that Moscow pull out of Ukraine.US President Joe Biden said he is willing to his Russian counterpart if he commits to ending the war.

However, Ukraine says it will not sit down at the negotiating table before Moscow leaves all occupied territories.

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Source: Euronews


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