Nor-Shipping 2019 Witnesses “Dubai Maritime Virtual Cluster” As the Show Stealer


  • Dubai Maritime Virtual Cluster” platform’s  Knowledge and Research platform influences the maritime services allures visitors to Nor-Shipping 2019.
  • Maritime cluster boasts of a knowledge portal, an innovation centre, R&D and training, and a maritime sector index
  • Contributions of the maritime sector to make Dubai, a major hub in the global economy
  • Virtual Cluster leads to a renewed, secure and well-grounded maritime sector.

The “Dubai Maritime Virtual Cluster” platform, operating under Dubai Maritime City Authority (DMCA), has become a centre of attraction for visitors to Nor-Shipping 2019,  currently underway in Oslo and Lillestrøm, reads an article published in Assafinaonline.

Nor-Shipping is held once every two years, with its events across Oslo city centre and its exhibition facilities in Lillestrøm. A total of more than 30,000 visitors are expected to attend from over 75 countries, with almost 1,000 of the world’s leading maritime companies participating.

DMCA influences maritime services

Dubai happens to be one of the best maritime capitals in the world. The number of participants seeking information about DMCA’s Smart Knowledge and Research platform will directly influence the development of an integrated portfolio of maritime services for foreign direct investors in Dubai.

Dubai Maritime Virtual Cluster (DMVC)

The “Dubai Maritime Virtual Cluster” is a platform of high significance for combining innovation and technological advances to serve the Maritime cluster, that stands out at the top of the most competitive and attractive maritime clusters in the world.

Global maritime industry pioneers rely on Maritime cluster for its high-level interactive features, which includes a comprehensive information and knowledge portal, a virtual maritime centre for innovation, R&D and training, and a maritime sector index.

The major global economy hub

Amer Ali, Executive Director, DMCA, explained that the initiative has proven to be a step forward for a diverse maritime cluster characterized by competitiveness, comprehensive and investment attractiveness. This initiative would make way for an economic diversification to the post-oil era.

He added that this has provided an integrated framework to enhance the involvement of maritime cluster in the activities of the local maritime cluster based on four basic pillars;

  • developing maritime cluster,
  • empowerment,
  • awareness and
  • participation

and enhancing the investors’ interest in the local maritime environment to attract promising investments, which will increase the contribution of the maritime sector and make Dubai a major hub in the global economy.

Virtual Cluster – Virtual presence mechanism

Ali also commented that the organisation is pleased with the wide interest for the Virtual Cluster, which continues to play a pivotal role in building bridges of constructive interaction and positive participation of maritime sector pioneers through the virtual presence mechanism.

Virtual Cluster also promotes

  • innovation,
  • research,
  • development,
  • training and
  • spreading the best maritime practices within the local maritime sector.

This currently embraces companies close to a number of  7,400 operating 13,000 maritime activities.

Secure and tenable maritime sector

Ali said that they are looking forward for forthcoming contributions to the qualitative initiative which will provide a comprehensive information and knowledge portal.

This could, in turn, contribute to the enhancement of the strengths of the maritime cluster components; leading to a renewed, secure and sustainable maritime sector.

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Source: Assafinaonline


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