NORDEN and TECK’s Quest to Transform Maritime Emissions

credit: Teck

In a remarkable synergy of environmental commitment and industry innovation, NORDEN and Teck Resources Limited have embarked on a groundbreaking partnership aimed at reducing CO² emissions within Teck’s steelmaking coal supply chain. This collaborative effort signifies more than just a reduction in emissions; it represents a transformative stride towards sustainable transportation solutions. The teck source.

  • Aiming to Reduce CO² Emissions in Coal Supply Chain
  • NORDEN’s Partnership with Teck to Cut Emissions by 25%.
  • NORDEN and Teck’s Collaboration Advances Green Transport Corridors.

Powering Sustainable Change

In a game-changing partnership, NORDEN and Teck Resources Limited join forces to slash CO² emissions within Teck’s steelmaking coal supply chain. 

Ambitious Emission Cuts

Anticipating a 25% reduction in annual emissions, NORDEN embarks on a mission to cut up to 6,700 tonnes of CO² by employing advanced strategies. Fuel-efficient vessels, biofuels, and intelligent data analytics converge to revolutionize the way emissions are curbed.

Green Transport Corridors

The collaboration signifies more than just emission cuts; it advances the development of green transportation corridors. Teck’s CEO, Jonathan Price, highlights the move as a significant step towards achieving net zero by 2050, enhancing the industry’s commitment to sustainability.

Navigating a Sustainable Course

NORDEN’s CEO, Jan Rindbo, emphasizes the transformative power of tailored freight emission contracts. As NORDEN strides toward carbon neutrality in 2050, this alliance underscores the industry’s shift towards a greener future.

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