Norden To Issue Carbon Emissions Reports for Every Voyage


NORDEN is to provide all customers with a carbon emissions estimate prior to each and every freight transport, as well as a post-voyage carbon emissions report, as the first step in its strategy to bring down emissions in the supply chain, says an article published on their website.

Voyage simulation

“Today many of our customers simply do not know what the environmental impact of shipping their product is,” said Adam Nielsen, head of Logistics & Climate Solutions at NORDEN.

“Before we can have a meaningful discussion with clients about reducing emissions in the supply chain, we need to provide complete transparency over emissions data before and after each voyage. We want our customers to start asking questions – such as why one voyage emits more than another, and to start demanding greener shipping solutions.” 

Pre-voyage estimates

The pre-voyage estimates are based on a sophisticated algorithm developed by NORDEN’s Advanced Analytics team, using data from 58 million voyage simulations. The algorithm analyses voyage description, vessel performance and weather conditions to make a highly accurate prediction of carbon emissions per voyage.


Post-voyage, all customers will receive an accurate reporting of emitted CO₂ together with cargo size and transported distance. The report can be fed automatically into customers’ data systems for ease of reporting.

“We have already trialled the system with a select group of clients and have been extremely encouraged by the positive feedback received, with customers happy to see us taking the lead on this,” said Christian Vinther Christensen, Chief Operating Officer, NORDEN.

NORDEN’s climate commitments

Providing emissions transparency is the first of NORDEN’s five climate commitments, announced earlier this month. As well as a long-term commitment to zero-emissions by 2050; NORDEN has committed to keeping emissions in line with the downward trajectory set by Sea Cargo Charter; only ordering zero-emission vessels from 2030, and providing customers with greener shipping solutions to help them decarbonise their supply chains.

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Source: Norden


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