Nordic Unmanned To Form Joint Venture With Aeromon


Nordic Unmanned is pleased to announce that it has signed an agreement to form a joint venture with the Finnish company Aeromon, says an article published on their website.

60% of joint venture belong to Nordic Unmanned

The joint venture will be organized in a new company, which will be owned 60 percent by Nordic Unmanned and 40 percent by Aeromon. The company will be a world leading system integrator providing mobile maritime emission monitoring services to end clients. The largest client will be Nordic Unmanned, and the technology will be used in Nordic Unmanned’s existing contracts, and will be offered to new clients, such as maritime authorities, port authorities, and oil and gas companies.

Nordic Unmanned will invest €1.5 million in the joint venture and will have an exclusive right to acquire the remaining 40 percent of the shares of the company based on certain performance criteria.

Ceo of Nordic Unmanned and Aeromon on the joint venture

Knut Roar Wiig, CEO of Nordic Unmanned said, “We are excited to enter this strategic joint venture with Aeromon. Their tried and tested technology and our experience as operators ensure world class maritime emission monitoring for our clients. With this joint venture, we will enter the global maritime and oil and gas emission monitoring market with the U.S and South-East Asia as the next target markets outside Europe.”

Maria Kuosa, CEO of Aeromon, sees the joint venture as a major event in the field of maritime emission monitoring. She said, “The new company formed by Aeromon and Nordic Unmanned will make industry leading services available to a global customer base. We are delighted to announce the combination of our cutting edge technology and the operational abilities of Nordic Unmanned.”

Services provided by the company

The services provided by the new company will consist of:

  • Delivery and license of emission monitoring data platform.
  • Providing emission monitoring equipment as a service.
  • Providing data analysis and payload operations services.

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Source: NordicUnmanned


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